Christa Cocciole


Movement Therapist
B.A. Psychology and Dance
Systems Therapist (DGSF)
Integrative Body Oriented Therapist
Pronouns: she/her

is a Berlin-based Body Oriented Systems Therapist and Consultant for Embodied Leadership. She weaves her background as a dancer, choreographer, and social activist combined with her spiritual practice, into an approach she has coined “Radical Presence: moving with playful compassion”. With her work she supports Organisations and Communities in order to strengthen resilience and systemic social impact.

Her 30+ years of international experience, has brought her to places like Bosnia during and after the war, Team and Community building around Embodied Social Justice issues in the USA and throughout Europe. She currently is also working as a Movement Therapist with a specialty in Trauma in a Psychiatric Hospital and in a private practice with individuals, teams and groups.

Her passion is to support Leaders (“anyone who cares and is willing to do something about it”- M. Wheatley) to continuously develop Embodied Skills in order to collectively thrive while nourishing equity for all beings.

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