The Lab

Once a month in

Somatic Academy in Berlin – Kreuzberg

(there are no sessions at the mometn)

These evening and intensive workshops of Radical Presence (radical = from the root) open up a space to experience our whole self in unbound movement of spirit and body. This practice can help to enable us to move in all possible situations within the world: alive, free and connected to what is needed with your presence!

We will


…deepen our connection to ourselves.

…show up to each other in the in a compassionate and playful way.

The sessions will be held in German, an English translation is possible!

Registration is requested.

Contribution is between 15 – 25€, depending on your resources

Please register HERE

Individual sessions are possible!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

By mail to
or by phone at (030) 200 688 58

Location (Live):

Somatische Akademie 
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
(left side entrance, 1st backyard, 4th floor >>without a lift<<)
10999 Berlin


"Radical Presence? For me a kind of flow experience: the playful contact with oneself and others enables me to perceive the (otherwise so difficult) here and now. Thoughts disappear, time no longer plays a role. Balancing between group and self-awareness. "Aimlessly" getting noticeably closer to one's goal. Beautiful!" - Frank, participant Radical Presence Session