This time in nature offers a loose structure with an invitation to recalibrate, reconnect and recharge through movement alone and in community. Each retreat has its own focus.

“Emerging Pathways”

together with Purpose and Motion 
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October 2023

Wednesday, 11 October (starting with dinner) – Saturday, 14 October (finishing around 3pm)

January 2024

Starting 2024 with purpose

Wednesday, 24 January (starting with dinner) – Saturday, 27 January (finishing around 3pm)

Application as of November

This is a time to regenerate, relax, as well as to re-focus on what you would like to bring attention to as nature beings to celebrate it’s new year arrival. We will be in Stolzenhagen, which is a little village in the Lower Oder valley national park very close to the border to Poland. For more than 2 decades Christa has been part of a community that’s been turning the “Gut” (a former East German agricultural cooperative) into a creative hub for movement and embodiment work; international dance festivals have been hosted there as well as transformative encounters. Stolzenhagen is a place that holds so much spirit. It is situated in beautiful nature (it is also a “hub” for wild geese, wolves(!), cranes and many other animals), it holds creativity and magic – a place that can give birth to crazy, unconventional things.

Together with a team, our dreaming is to create and host a space in nature that allows us to join our power and practices, weave together different disciples and approaches to explore what’s needed in the world, to be in dialogue about what’s happening and what isn’t; and to inquire into where our practices make a difference in the world.  And, to explore what is needed to shift something together on a larger scale. With a sense of “let’s see what happens” we’re imagining an open structure designed for lots of cross-pollination.

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