Resonant Souls- movement & relationship: emerging & moving with new beginnings

28th February -1st March in Stolzenhagen

With Christa Cocciole and Morag Donnelly

– How do you keep moving with freedom and ease when emotions are challenging your boundaries? 

– How do you embrace the strength and wisdom of your vulnerability without closing off? 

– How do you navigate intimacy without losing sight of your Self?

-What do you want to give your attention to and nourish in the New Year?

The depth at which we can meet each other has the potential to invigorate, bringing a vitality of being met and seen. It can also evoke the opposite, bring up fear or possibly ignite a longing for more connection. How do you choose to navigate this dance of presence in your life?

This is a safe and respectfully guided space to drop in to your senses and open an enquiry into relationships and how we are moving as well as connecting in our lives. We will provide a space to reflect and grow with the challenges we experienced in our combined 50 years of conscious movement  and creative practices (5 Rhythms and other) as well as while leading individuals and groups in self-discovery.

We will be exploring how we navigate what arises in the dance and the mysterious chemistry in connections. Through experiential investigation and discussions, we will dig into themes such as: being seen, finding the permission to let go in order to “be” and sharpening our felt sense. In doing so, we will strengthen our awareness of constantly fluctuating boundaries and learn to move with them.

The weekend will be filled with movement, connecting, creating, drawing, sharing and sensing. There will be ample time in the studio by the fireplace as well as in the breathtaking nature.

On Morag:

Morag combines art, movement and the senses to emphasise the importance of seeing and a deepening empathy, intimacy with ourselves and life. She is a facilitator with the Dancing Tao and the founder of “Lifelines”, her offering in which she enables and encourages others with her relaxed, tender, open manner and intuitive nature, creating a loving space of safety and freedom.

On Christa:

Christa naturally inspires others by her contagious enthusiasm for movement, her warm, open approach and her refreshing clarity and precision when exploring boundaries. She integrates her background as a systemic therapist and dancer / choreographer as well as spiritual practice in an approach she coined “Radical Presence – moving with playful compassion”

Here is a video about our work together.


Sliding-scale contribution from 120-190 €

Child Care

You are welcome to bring children. Please inform us, if you require daycare during the Retreat. The costs of the child care will be covered with donations of the parents of the kids.

58 € Friday to Sunday

29€ for Children


Tereza’s Guesthouse

pOnderosa Seminar House (fully booked)

Fam. Gieseler (033365 70936 oder 01636117955)

Fam. Jaruchevsky 033365 71155

Fam. Lichtner Ferien Wohnung am Gut Stolzenhagen

For camping and rooms, please contact me

(There will be a maximum of 18 Participants)