A TRAINING FOR PEOPLE IN HELPING CAREERS wishing to have more “Radical Presence” in their life

this 4 parts workshop is for those interested in sharpening their embodiment skills as a resource for their work and life. We will be deepening our practices, as well learning new intervention techniques to support clients to become centered and use their full capacity to connect creatively.

This course is for you if wish to
  • discover and improve your bodily expression.
  • feel your body as a home, especially if you must travel for work.
  • connect on a deeper level with teams, clients and your personal world.

As a result of the current global “VUCA” situation (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) I would like to also focus this training on:
-bringing an awareness to old patterns when feeling triggered and what is possible to chose to do instead
-techniques in staying grounded when things get bumpy
-finding a voice when bodily responses say that something is “off”
-practicing how to be present when in crisis
-bringing an awareness to, as well as developing various forms of networks in order to strengthen resources and support a vision of Embodied Social Transformation

These are all useful skills for everyday situations, yet especially important if you are in a “helping” career. My intention for this 4 part Workshop is to remind us that we are all “Wounded Warriors”. All of our narratives hold trauma and with it potential for growth and healing. When we bundle our resources, there is the strengthened ability for deep transformation.

Dates Fridays 18.00-22pm and Saturdays 11-17.30pm on 14.-15 August 2020 in Somatische Akademie (BERLIN) oder 28.-29. August 2020, Die Halle  im Zentrum von Frankfurt a.M. (Nordend), 13.-14. November 2020, 22.-23. January 2021, 5.-6- March 2021 in Somatische Akademie in BERLIN


The first module can be experienced individually (to help your decision) €170
or  all 4 Modules: 750 €  – or Early Bird Rate  before 1.März 20: 650€
There is the possibility to  sleep at the venue in Frankfurt for a small donation.
Max. Participants: 25 Participants

Registration and Questions: