Treat yourself to this generous space to take time to listen to your body and move between stillness and dynamic in the way you need to. I will guide you through a movement meditation as well as experiments to unfold your Presence in and around you. All levels of experience are welcome.

Winter Retreat in Stolzenhagen

Come join Morag Donnelly and I on the weekend from 28.- February-01. March 2020 in the luxurious TaubenBlau Seminar House in Stolzenhagen situated  at the border to the Nature Reserve of Unteres Odertal in Brandenburg on the Oder River. We will submerge ourselves in nature, movement and creativity to strengthen our connection to ourselves and others.

Here is a video about our work together.

(Booked out. Waiting list only!)

Radical Presence Weekend

On this “extended version” of Radical Presence, we will dive in together and refuel. We will take the time to (re)discover skills to weave into our professional and private lives.

Moving Processes – A Training for Coaches, Leaders, Trainers and Therapists who wish to unfold more “Radical Presence” in their lives

On 03.-04. April 2020  we will be offering a Professional Training Course “Moving Process” in Frankfurt a.M. for Coaches, Leaders, Trainers and Therapists who are interested in sharpening their embodiment skills as a resource for their work and life.

Individual Sessions

If you are interested in an  individual or couple session, either live or via Skype, please contact me to set up an appointment.

„I have known Christa as a colleague and friend for almost 20 years now, and know her to be deeply principled, unusually kind, and sharply aware of what goes on within and between human beings. She has a great depth of experience working with groups both with and without movement and dance, and I am honoured to have collaborated with her.“
Adam Barley (Founder of ZeroOne


“…First thing I wanna do today, is to thank you for Yesterdays evening of “Radical Presence…I’m deeply grateful…I appreciate and enjoyed every single moment.

With Your inner being, Your beautiful soul, Your radical presence, Your open mind, Your dancing body, Your joy, …With the care, the comfort, the compassion You are showing…With the whole of You…You’re opening up such a wonderful space where miracles are sparkling through the room…

Thank You very much.

You are one of these women from ancient times, connected to the earth and the universe, bringing peace into the world. You are really awesome.” …

-Participant from “Radical Presence”