Christa Cocciole (USA/D)  weaves her skills as a Dancer and Choreographer into her work as a Systemic and Body  Oriented Therapist with a specialty in Trauma for the past 30 years. She has worked in settings such as reconciliation projects during and after the Bosnian War, community cultural organisations, Universities as well as Conferences and International dance theatre companies. Currently she is working in an adult psychiatric clinic in Berlin as well as in her private Practice and teaching Embodiment internationally. She integrates her therapeutic and artistic experience with her spiritual practice in an approach she coined “Radical Presence – moving with playful compassion”.

Clients and participants of her sessions and courses have been inspired by her contagious enthusiasm for movement, her warm, open approach and her refreshing clarity and precision when exploring boundaries.

„The practice that I have refined for myself and that I offer to others is simply tuning in to our whole self by allowing our bodies and minds to move freely. It is with this practice, that I can continue to move in the world the way I wish to be: Alive, Free and Present!“



After a session with Christa I feel free and joyous. Every time I’m leaving the session laughing. She creates a safe space, where old pain can show up and get released. In my own pace, I can try new things without being overwhelmed or being under pressure. Everything can be.

Your workshop Embodiment created a strong imprint of being present in my consciousness. In the following 2 weeks I felt so clear and complete; I have never felt like this before. After a year, the practice still supports me to connect to myself and in the moment.

I have known Christa as a colleague and friend for almost 20 years now, and know her to be deeply principled, unusually kind, and sharply aware of what goes on within and between human beings. She has a great depth of experience working with groups both with and without movement and dance, and I am honoured to have collaborated with her.

Adam Barley (Founder of InZero)


Co-founder of the International Embodiment Circle 

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